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I'm a freelance Illustrator, Artworker, and still occasional Artist based in South East London. I've worked in a wide variety of mediums from painting murals to creating digital game assets. Which means over the years I’ve developed a broad set of skills, knowledge of techniques and creative tools.


My background is in print, (and painting). Mostly generating illustrations for publications such as Disorder, Time Out, The Guardian. But increasingly now I predominately work as a digital Artworker for the likes of the BBC (Horrible Histories), Eden Films, and EDF.



Besides pen and paint the Software I use depending on it's appropriateness is Illustrator, Photoshop, Power Point, Vector Magic, GML, HTML5, QuarkXpress, Painter.



Lion Televison / Tate Modern / Disorder / Cargo / Threadless / The Guardian / Who's Jack / Makemedia  / Skint Records / Play Music / Gravity Guide / Last Hours / Empty Playground

BBC / EDF / Observer / Future Publishing / Crate 43 / Carhartt/ Top Shelf / Table Warfare

Eden Films/ Bottle Rocket / Lewisham Council / Transport For London / Dont Panic.

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